books we love!

books. written words. unfolded stories. connection. growth.

we love books, for all their amazing powers to connect us to something outside ourselves, teach us about the world around us and, the best part, teach us about ourselves.

walking into a bookstore, a library or sometimes even rummaging around your own bookcase can ignite a sense of grandeur and adventure. what will i learn, who will i connect with, where will i travel?

on our facebook page we recently added a tab called “books we love.” it’s filled with all sorts of titles, but they all have something in common- they inspire. they connect. they teach us about ourselves and the world.

if any of the books we’ve listed look interesting to you, click on the cover and will pop up, with detailed information on the title and (of course) how to buy it if it strikes you in such a way that it has to become part of your personal library.

our list isn’t exhaustive of course- there are so many wonderful titles to chose from. are there books you simply can’t live without, that have been instrumental in how you see the world? share those with us in the comment section below.

we have also listed each title on our “discussion” tab in facebook, in order for you all to share your thoughts and create communities around the “books we luv.” i would love to hear your thoughts on the books, as well as listen to each beautiful story about how the books have inspired each of you.

each one of these books were handpicked by cristina carlino because she felt “they are (all) soulful books that changed my life in small and large ways.”

so here’s to happy reading, sharing experiences, and the starting of a brand new adventure at project miracle. we hope you’ll join us.


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