Miracles really do happen.

You’re proof of that. I’m proof of that. Everyone you’ve ever met is proof of that (even if that proof wasn’t readily ascertainable).

Watching community grow around the cristina carlino Facebook page has been such a blessing. Together, we are helping Project Miracle’s #1 and #2 grow!

And we’ve got some really neat, really new stuff going on. We’ve added a bunch of tabs on our Facebook page- now there are more ways for you to get involved, more ways to feel connected and more ways to be a part of cristina’s miracle projects.

Prayers. Just like those ‘give a penny, take a penny’ jars at the cash register are there for you just when you need a little bit more, or feel like you have a little bit more to give, the Prayers page is a place where you can give and receive. Post a prayer for someone or for yourself- we’ll pray with you!



Books we Love. These books have meant a great deal to cristina. They’ve inspired, brought comfort, been great companions and have taught us so much about the world. But the most important part (of any reading adventure, we would argue) is that these books have made us happy and helped us understand ourselves.



Gift Box. This is our way of giving back, in the traditional gift-giving sense, to you! Simply send us an email- info@projectmiracle.com- and we’ll enter your name into a drawing for some of our Miracle-inspired gifts, like cristina’s journal-book ‘the changing room’ and our new She Colors My Day shirt.

Gift Box

Gift Box

Wish-O’s. It’s our photo contest! Submit your favorite pics of your little girl to be entered, or just send one along with a wish.



And don’t forget- we’re on Twitter too, so feel free to send a message @cristinacarlino!

Can’t wait to hear/read/see more of you! Together, we are making miracles happen.


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