The beauty of music

i am a lyricist. i love writing songs. i have written several, so i appreciate great female musicians, like cheryl crow. do you know her song, “a change will do you good”? change is good. most of the time i can see and say that…but sometimes i have to pray to be guided to know this to be true.

Like so many forms of beauty in our world, music is something both universal and so uniquely individual to each of us. We experience music so personally, yet we all experience it. Music touches us in many ways, serves so many purposes, and its message is so often an anchor for our own strength.

Especially in times when change is imminent, when change seems unavoidable and undesirable, music can serve as a reminder that the path of life has many blind turns – but we must not be afraid to forge ahead.

Our Facebook friend John Homer shared some lyrics by Kathy Troccoli that have guided him in such times:

“When the hurricane blows against your heart/ And the sky’s on fire/ And you don’t know where you are./ When you’ve done all you can do,/ And there’s no one else to turn to,/ He will shelter you.”

But the real beauty, the real miracle of music, lies in its capacity to comfort us in all different and changing situations. Veronica Bisesti is another Facebook friend who appreciates the music integrated into every stage of her life, whether joyful or heart-aching.

“[Music] can bring me right back to those precious moments and conjure up the emotions,” she writes. “And it’s at those times, when I’m reliving the pain or the joy, that I can best reflect on what really matters NOW. Music has helped me grow, relax AND change.”

And friends, that is the heart of the matter. Everything changes – the world around us and the people within it. Share music and how you experience it, how it bolsters you in hard times and lifts you up in wonderful times.

Music is a beautiful thing. And so are we.

Screenshot of Facebook discussion of music

Screenshot of Facebook discussion of music


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