hooray for the red, white and blue (and pink, too!)

Unpublished Work © 2011 Cristina Carlino

the long and wonderful july 4th holiday weekend is over and the landscape of red, white and blue decorations here in new york seems to be changing if not already down wherever i go. to return next year. it can be easy, in the meantime, to forget the extraordinary freedoms we have as americans. the vast majority of us will not be thinking of the thousands of service women and men who are still fighting three wars for our country across the globe.

this blog is not about war. and it’s not about the politics of these wars. i am not political or a proponent of a political party. but i am, to my bone, passionate about humanity and the risks and sacrifices made by those who help preserve our humanity. to that end, i ask you please visit  www.remind.org, a foundation founded by anchorman and iraq war hero, bob woodruff. remind.org has raised to date more than 8.5 million dollars for men and women suffering from the physical and psychological wounds of war. even if you are unable to make a small financial donation, i believe the gift of each brief visit to this site expands our collective heart and conscience to those who may return home and face the injustice of being unsupported and forgotten. we are proud and grateful to be the dear friends and advocates of remind.org. so hooray for the red, white and blue. and for summer, i am most definitely a girl who loves to wear a lot of pink! have you colored yet with the pink crayon in support of finding a cure for breast cancer?  www.shecolorsmyday.com


One response to “hooray for the red, white and blue (and pink, too!)

  1. thank you for this post. it is so easy for people to put away, the red, white and blue…in a tidy box into storage for the next year. but for many of us, whose spouses serve our nation’s military, those colors are a daily reminder of the daily sacrifices we make as a family to ensure our freedoms, and freedoms of people around the world are protected.
    it is, so much of the time, a true sacrifice. giving my husband up, less than 2 short weeks ago, i now find myself cuddling an anxious 3 year old in the middle of the night and watching our toddler daughter fondly kiss “Daddy doll” and ask for him to return the same to her. not a newbie to deployments, each one is unto itself, its own living, breathing entity. it is hard. becoming a geographical “single parent” over-night is traumatic for mom and children alike.
    you can see it on the faces of the wives. just last thursday, we held a family meeting amongst the family members of my husband’s unit…in tow were children from newborns to middle school age. as i glanced around the crowded room, i could see the long nights, the extra added “dad duties” and the care and concern (made dramatically worse by current events) for their soldiers…taking its toll on each women there. myself included.
    working in the counseling field, i have long repeated to others the need to have you time..to have something that is special and sacred that you do, just for you. i must confess that it is hard for me to take my own advice at times. in the genre of well-being and helping us wives deal with the fallout of doing it alone..we are getting together a workshop that will hopefully equip us all with tools to help us tend to our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. one part, that i was hoping, because i too believe in miracles…to include was something for the ladies to help them feel pretty..cared for and to allow them to take that much needed moment for themselves. would you consider making a charitable donation to our workshop? it would be an amazing and beautiful thing for us all. i am sure you hear requests a zillion times a day for products, but some how, i hope that this one will touch your heart and linger a bit for your consideration.
    with gratitude,
    angela wilson
    proud wife of CPT Steve Wilson
    1-38 CAV
    Fort Bragg, NC

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