small changes can color and change our world

Unpublished Work © 2011 Cristina Carlino

two years ago i decided not to cut my hair so i could see just how long it could still grow. when you’re waiting for your hair to get longer, you cannot see the tiny follicles at work and the possibility of any growth can seem will take a miracle. and then, in my case, i was preparing to go on QVC  this past weekend when i got a glimpse of my appearance  in the camera and  for the first time i thought i need a haircut. growth had in fact happened! and i didn’t need it anymore. when i came home i cut three inches off. i know how to do this and have done it myself for years. and suddenly, voila! my hair finally fit exactly who i want to be at least for the moment.

and for the moment there was my hair still long enough and beautiful. but i couldn’t  help thinking of all of the women who will not have a choice for hair  growth as chemotherapy does not give you that option. this is a spiritual lesson and a reminder of why Project Miracle supports women’s cancer research through She Colors My Day so that we can all have good hair days and the rich lives we were born to live. every day thousands of people are tirelessly at work searching for solutions and cures.  we cannot see these people at work.  we generally do not think about them.  we can easily forget that progress is happening and growing at its own pace. one day i hope we will look back with the peace that no mothers or daughters will have to leave this world and their little lambs behind because, voila! a cure has been discovered while we were shopping for shampoos and conditioner!

when that day comes,  we will not need She Colors My Day anymore.  and we will all celebrate together!  for today,  the cure is growing. please remember the small changes are hard at work. we cannot see them but our job is to not give up on believing in them and supporting them. on you can contribute to growing a cure while our dear sisters try to regrow their hair. coloring with the pink crayon is a small change that can change everything. to have hair for too many is a luxury. all of us who know in our hearts and souls that a cure must be possible know giving up before it’s discovered is simply not an option.


One response to “small changes can color and change our world

  1. This touched my heart, as did yesterday’s message. I finished chemo last December and my hair is getting longer every day, but it’s a love-hate relationship. I love that it’s growing back, but hate how it looks right now. I was just admiring your hair on QVC last weekend, thinking I can’t wait to have that much hair again! My father is also fighting cancer and even though he’s still on chemo, his hair has started to grow back. Thank you for everything you do!

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