sole sisters


Unpublished Work © 2011 Cristina Carlino

there’s a famous native american indian saying that we should not judge another man unless we have walked a mile in his moccasins. that, of course,  is true, too of women. if we haven’t walked a mile in their flip-flops or jimmy choos, we cannot have genuine compassion for them and ultimately for ourselves. that is where our soul sisters come into play. each friend in our life is a gift. if you have a soul sister,  you have received a rare gift indeed – a connection that is of this world, on your path, but somehow almost beyond words. you feel you truly have walked a mile in her moccasins and she in yours. we may have known this girl forever as i have a soul sister i’ve known since age nine. we fit each other like the perfect comfy old shoe – a shoe you would never dream of tossing away.  a “shoe” that knows your history and you in a way that no one else can. any secrets are sacred. any disputes are long forgotten.

this week i am so delighted because i have another soul sister who has come to town. we do not know each other as many years, but since we met it is as if we’ve known each other for this life and perhaps a few before. we do not get to see each other often, but when we get together, we hug and we pick up from where we were four years ago. maybe for you, your soul sister it is your actual birth sister. whoever she may be, it is a kind of “love at first sight.”

on sunday, i am going for a walk with a new friend. when you’re walking with a friend sole – to sole,  you get a fluid download of theirs and your consciousness different than what you can get sitting across each other at a table.  this is a new way of meeting for me and i’m looking forward to learning more about her and letting her know about me. we’ll walk in central park or wherever our feet decide to take us. our soles will break in a little more with each step as we find our way in a new friendship.

i am so grateful.  where would life be without our friends?


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