the miracle of the moment

she colors my day

Unpublished Work © 2011 Cristina Carlino

wonderful news. i just had a clean report on my mammogram. mammograms are a miracle of invention. that the technology was given a name that sounds to me like  your breast is going to be put in an envelope and delivered by western union, is another story. for women over a certain age and men who can also be at risk and victims of breast cancer, mammograms are the best method we have as of today for screening and diagnosis. they help save  countless lives. that’s a story that cannot be told too many times. pass it on.

and then there’s the one about anxiety. a tale i have known something about and have suffered with personally. the experts say that anxious feelings are normal when taking medical exams. it is not uncommon that our blood pressure may go up. i don’t doubt mine has many times before. the poet, t.s. eliot said, “anxiety is the hand maiden of creativity.”  as a self proclaimed “creative compulsive” and someone who has also created two very successful businesses, i know this to true. and when it comes to taking a medical exam and especially the mammogram; my blessed, creative mind can come up with thoughts and images that make the blood curl. like too many of us, i have lost beloved friends to this disease.

but then, at this mammogram, something miraculous happened. i got nervous only for a moment when instead of routinely bringing me into the doctor to review my results, they wanted to first run an ultrasound on my right breast so the doctor could get another look. for the very first time ever, i felt uncomfortable but not scared to death. as i laid back down on the table, i heard myself surrender to whatever the prognosis was going to be. i said, “ thank you.”  thank you, god, for this caring doctor and for the privilege of having access to good medical care.  and thank you, also, for everyday. and this one, too. and in that moment, i felt no fear. i was completely in the moment. surrender does that to a person. after a few minutes when the doctor pronounced the words, “all clear”. we both felt better.

please share this blog and story with someone who may need to read it today.  and visit, please this is part of our project miracle.  it supports the research of thousands of people who work tirelessly each day to discover a cure for breast cancers as well as the hearts and souls of those who may be affected this day by the disease.


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