“e” is for enthusiasm…

Unpublished Work © 2011 Cristina Carlino

…also for exuberance and excellent.  which are a few of the joyous feelings i am experiencing  having just read a new book called “the wave:  in pursuit of the rogues, freaks and giants of the ocean” by susan casey.  this is not so much a book review (although one may come later), as much as an enthusiasm review.  the kind of book report i suspect i may have excitedly given at school when i was a young girl.  i can hardly remember.

but now, this book, the wave took me out to sea on a masterfully written  adventure, carrying me on a 120 foot monster water wheel wave that  opened me to moving beyond living in the moment.  it invited me and all to “explode in the moment.”   which means to me when the music plays, i am not just listening, i am dancing and singing.  to explode into the moment, fear can no longer be an important word in my dictionary.  granted, i will not in this lifetime ride  waves like the surf masters in “the wave” do,  and only a half a handful ever live to do so – because these ones are e – for extraordinary.  but in my own life i can be as stoked as they are.  this book awakens to me that i must be.

and all this from a book!  no bells or whistles or special ring tones.  it doesn’t come with batteries and it doesn’t tweet.  it only rocks my soul and reminds me of the joy in my own young daughter’s eyes as she masters reading and discovers news worlds between the crisp pages of her new books.

as i write this, i am in new york in part to celebrate the wave’s book signing and party  with the author who is also my friend.  of course, in part this adds wonderfully to the excitement.  how wonderful to celebrate the success of a friend you love.  but how i wish i could be with my daughter too, who is back home with her dad.  i would love to celebrate my enthusiasm with her.  to speak to her of the oceans and their great power and the mammoth sea animals and what scientists and surfers and susan show are the messages about our planet the waves are teaching us.  i can hardly wait to get back home for this reason.

but here is one message i will share with you that my daughter does not need to try to understand:  i believe as imperative our need to save our oceans is our job one – to protect our enthusiasm. it is so easy in these times to not consider that.  we may be afraid to feel something like childish, or experience it when we do, naïve or plain jaded about the possibilities of living and exploding into at least some of our moments.  but without enthusiasm, nothing has, can or perhaps ever will be accomplished. that’s the fact.  we must exercise this part of ourselves to survive.  whether that comes from reading a book, playing with an app, enjoying a movie, a kiss, the smile of a child, or zipping yourself into a wetsuit and hitting the waves.  as malcolm forbes so eloquently put it, “people who never get carried away, should be.”

i’d love to hear from you how you allow yourself to be carried away. and god speed.  let’s all enjoy the ride.


3 responses to ““e” is for enthusiasm…

  1. E is for energizing which is exactly what your post did for me! Words I needed to hear and that sounds like a book I will be reading!

  2. I get carried away just talking to new people. It really seems to come natural to me. Sometimes I think when I’m with others they would like for me to be quiet or not talk to some of the people I speak with! It doesn’t matter if they are a kid or a 100 yrs old I love talking with them!

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