my quotes

cristina carlino

Unpublished Work © 2011 Cristina Carlino

i wanted to keep a running list of quotes, so i can update it whenever something inspires me! make sure you add your quotes on my facebook page; we are all here to inspire each other! xo

“The power of choice is all about the courage to choose the road less traveled. The right choice is always the one that takes greater faith on our part, greater risk, greater sacrifice and greater surrender” – C. Carlino

“Let go, let life” – C. Carlino

“Express passionately, live fearlessly, and become a walking prayer” – C. Carlino

“Choose with your eyes closed, your heart open, in silence” – C. Carlino

“Fate is chance, destiny is choice, when is the last time you went dancing?” – C. Carlino

“An intuitive choice is a no brainer. Only hearts need apply” – C. Carlino

“The best choices are when your heart and head are saying the same thing” – C. Carlino

“Our head chooses bad boys our heart chooses good ones” – C. Carlino

“Let your heart lead your brain” – C. Carlino

“A brand, in my opinion, is based on the people who create it, co-create it, and help it grow. The ‘culture’ of the company is the primary foundation on which any great brand is built” – C. Carlino

“There is plenty of room at the top, it’s the bottom that’s crowded” – C. Carlino

“The product has to be a game changer” – C. Carlino

“To win the game you have to change it” – C. Carlino

“Let your heart lead your life” – C. Carlino

“Let go, let love” – C. Carlino

“When making any choice always choose for our children” – C. Carlino

“We are reflections of one another we are one” – C. Carlino

“The only thing better than being loved is being loving” – C. Carlino

“Make love to everything that you do and be love to everyone that you meet” – C. Carlino

“Making love matters” – C. Carlino

“Love is the great equalizer. It doesn’t matter how rich, beautiful, powerful or intelligent you are. If you love to capacity you win the game called life” – C. Carlino

“Unconditional love forgives” – C. Carlino

“Love without limits and conditions” – C. Carlino

“Write your own love story with you as the beloved” – C. Carlino

“Love is the only thing that makes us weightless” – C. Carlino

“Love is the only diet a body and soul needs” – C. Carlino

“Love thyself unconditionally so that you can love others” – C. Carlino

“Live to love and love to live” – C. Carlino

“Everyone is born again in each and every moment of each and everyday” – C. Carlino

“Rebirth realigns us” – C. Carlino

“Begin again and again and again” – C. Carlino

“If work is medicine and overwork is pure poison” – C. Carlino

“There is no such thing as balancing an unbalanced work life” – C. Carlino

“When you are stressed out you cant sleep. When you are burnt out you cant wake up” – C. Carlino



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