love is real – real is love

cristina carlinoUnpublished Work © 2011 Cristina Carlino

do you remember this  classic  john lennon song?

“Love is real, real is love

Love is feeling, feeling love

Love is wanting to be loved”

i’m singing these visionary lyrics to myself today  and wondering, can  it be?  in a world of a trillion love songs trying to figure it out –can  it really be  is  this simple?   yes.  my heart knows this is true.  great vision is simple.   great lyrics, not so easy.  i know this myself as a songwriter.   can love still be this pure, 30 years after this  song was written?  has it always been?  can love  remain this innocent  in these record changing times?    past valentine’s day, beyond motherhood.     lennon  was without a doubt  a genius.

and so is love .

love is god’s masterpiece.

god’s greatest  gift

free without purchase

free with our without a religion

available in all sizes and in eternal supply

can i remember when i am wrapped up in my complicated relationships that

“love is touch, touch is love

love is reaching, reaching love”

if i can’t,  can i try to  recall

a tiny baby laughing  in a crib

discovering  her own toes,

playing, touching,  reaching

completely In love with herself.   her image.  your face.

can i  strive to remember  that to reach love now

i don’t need a ladder to climb up on

or a  plane to fly me there

can i sing, simply, “love is asking to be loved.”

will we just  ask for love

instead of fearing  we must earn it?

will i love you without  reason

except that  nothing feels more right?

“love is you

you and me

love is knowing

we can be”

love is free, free is love

love is living, living love

love is needing to be loved

if i am living love, knowing i need love

i am always safe in the world.

change  that comes

dreams  that go

people who we have to let go of

so much more is here

no object  a million words have been able to define

nothing we can visibly see

nothing that is more real.

all god sees is love.

like baby toes.

will i just see love today

if only in little glimpses?

will we sing like dear  john lennon

“it’s easy…

all you need is love?”

i love you,



2 responses to “love is real – real is love

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  2. i am crying reading your beautiful and inspiring words of love that were posted on 2/22. feb 22 was the 3 year anniversary of my daughters passing from cancer. she lost her life at the age of 16 but all she wanted in life was LOVE. we wrote on her tombstone”all you need is love.” and 600 of her friends wore t-shirts at her funeral that said…. i loved my life… the fight was worth it. thank you for sharing all your beautiful words of love xxoo

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