let go and let grow!

Unpublished Work © 2011 Cristina Carlino

i love this quote from the talmud, “every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, “grow, grow.”  and  i figure we do, too!   will  we get still enough to hear them. the  official beginning of spring is around the corner –the season of rebirth.  but then isn’t every season?  any occasion is ripe to begin anew.

springtime, new year’s day, your  birthday;  easter, next monday when for sure we’re starting our new exercise regime.  the end of a crisis, the beginning of a clearer path ahead, a  brand new relationship;  and most definitely  just a brand new day – the angels are our gentle cheerleaders whispering, “let go and grow.”  create and begin anew over and over and over.  it’s what most turns nature on.  the letting go part may seem a bit less exciting to us at times.  but maybe that’s why we invented  “spring cleaning.”   and now is the time.

so here is my short list of things you may want to let of to grow as you clean  house.  inside and out.   things seen and not seen.   from winter clothes to a last season’s grudge.  and i’ll be right there letting go with you.

l.  an old worn-out story.:  one that’s no longer true.  our stories can be reborn with the change of a few simple words.   from “he left me” to “i knew it was time to say goodbye” can have us grow from victim to victorious.

2.  toss old cosmetics: any you’re still holding onto in your cabinet  since the Spring of l999.  lets grow with the flow.  try a new color.   treat your skin to what it most needs today!   maybe there’s still a wee bit  left in the tube but our skin cells have shed and and renewed a thousand times over since then.   and so has the rest of our bodies.

3.  rewrite the lists of what you  think i have to do and who i have to be:   “grow, grow, grow” doesn’t mean so we can be more loved, richer or more powerful.   but to simply and magnificently  become more of who we are.  let go and discover you are always loved.   there is nothing that can make you feel happier.

4.   surrender the remote:  give up some time on the  tube.   spare your thumbs the texting and grow to discover a friend you can take a walk with.  or a book that’s been just waiting for you to find it.

5.   let go of thinking that growing old means  growing up:    just because we are getting  older doesn’t mean we are automatically growing up.   beginning with letting go of all the notions that frighten us into thinking that “old”  can be anything less than gold.

because it is.   blossoming, growing, rebirthing.  in this very instant.  at every stage of our lives.

i would so love to hear what or who you are ready and willing and able to give up this month as we welcome the whispering angels of spring.

peace and blessings,




3 responses to “let go and let grow!

  1. Cristina,

    I love the message of this blog. I agree 100% with you that there is so much that can clutter our minds, our hearts and even our homes. When we choose to let go and rid our bodies and our houses of the useless things, we make room so for so much more that is brighter, fresher and even lighter. In my book, Keeping It Simple!, I write how we need to start telling ourselves a new story of today by not repeating the old patterns of the past. Being authentic requires shedding the old costume we have been wearing and treating ourselves to some ‘new clothes,’

    Simply, Jayne(www.jaynederouin.com)

  2. Meredith Fields

    Thank you, Christina:
    This is so beautiful. You say words I feel in my heart but I forget are there.
    To grow, I have to let go first. It sounds so simple. Sometimes for me not so easy.

  3. This month, I am going to work to let go of all of the toxic beliefs I have about myself. I’ve held onto them since childhood, and I’ve just now (at 38) really started to realize how much I defeat myself… So, here’s to a new season when I plan to outgrow the box I have been locked in for far too long ;O)

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