We wanted to let you know a little more about Project Miracle, but we wanted to spread this beautiful message straight from the words of Project Miracle’s founder, Cristina Carlino.

In Cristina’s words…

“Who: project miracle

What: project miracle is a social entrepreneurial business model designed to produce marketing platforms and good for consumer brands that donate 100% of their net proceeds to the non-profits they serve. our mission is to bring a new day to those in need. until very recently i was unable to fully devote myself full time to a “not for profit but for purpose” business model which is essentially what social entrepreneurship is about. i work with people who are out-of-the-box thinkers, like myself, who can come in and help me with this vision.

Where: i work off of a giant grey rubber ball in a very small office that i love. when i am not on the ball i am on the floor. the energy is just right. as i work i know i am being assisted by some unseen benevolent force that pushes my pen. i also know nothing about this is easy or certain but i am doing the work because i feel very called to do so.

When: until very recently i was unable to fully devote myself full time to a “not for profit but for purpose” business model – which is what project miracle is all about. the butterfly in me loves the feeling of being close to an unseen world that is as unpredictable as it is coincidental wrapped in a blanket of synchronicity. from that perspective project miracle is hitting all of its marks telling me clearly to stay focused and on track.

How: the people helping to run the project miracle engine want to work for themselves, work on their own time frame and without a lot of micro management. they want to build a new version of the american dream on their terms which who value quality versus quantity.

Why: i have know since perhaps as early as 4 years old that i wanted to be a servant and creatively serve in this world. i have tried to fulfill that calling in each role i have played in my personal and professional career. i am learning and growing in leaps and bounds because uncertainty is where all of life’s mysteries live.”

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  1. how can I be of service?

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