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choose with your heart, it’s smarter than you think…

Unpublished Work © 2011 Cristina Carlino

cristina carlinofive days after  this past weekend’s horrific shootings in tuscon,  i am still trying to wrap my head around how this moment in time came to pass and what it may mean for the bereaved families and our country for years to come.  i know i am not alone. and then suddenly i get it – no matter how many thoughts i have or facts i read or opinions i hear, i will never be able to wrap my head around this.  my head simply isn’t big enough for the job.  only my heart is.  my heart may not make sense of the senseless, but it brings peace, creativity and new possibilities beyond what  my mind can understand to today’s reality.  every day.  if i can be still and choose to listen.

so i am choosing with my heart today and all year.  here in  my 49th year on this beautiful planet in the year 20ll  are a few more of my  reasons why i invite you to join me in following your heart’s choices:

1. my heart will never close its  door on me

although i have shut the door on it in the past more times than i could ever count. my heart is still wide open for the asking after my very best thoughts have only been able to wear me down.

2.  the heart is its own brain bank

i spent several years feeling insecure about my intelligence because i only got a high school diploma.   when i first founded  and began building what became two very successful companies (including philosophy), i was especially aware of this.  but  my heart revealed itself as  my most brilliant  professor guiding me to every next lesson  i needed.   including meeting   many wonderful college educated people who knew what i could not know and helped grow these dream businesses with me.

3. i’m choosing with my heart because when i choose with my head i know:

i  may be making a decision based on my fear. what will my parents think?   what if i get sick?  what if it doesn’t work out the way i want to?

logic won’t choose intuition  if  i’m writing  a pros and cons list of a situation to make my decision, the answer is not on the paper.  the answer is in my heart and my gut although in my head, I may feel very happy and relieved for a while.   i think i am in control. i think i am right.

4. i’m choosing to choose with my heart because:

when i do, it’s not that  i am right.  it’s that “it’s just right.”  it feels right.

i’m certain i’m not in control.  something greater than my thoughts is leading the way.  i feel happy.  my heart feels a little bit bigger.   .

5.   i’m choosing with my heart because  i have discovered it  makes for the  greatest adventure and the scariest ride.

people may call you crazy or a visionary.  i’ve been called both many times over.  but very few days of my life have i called myself not curious.

6.   i’m choosing with my heart because it can make decisions big and small

it has no judgment on what makes a right question. any question will do just fine. from which shoes i should  wear with this outfit to how to best answer my daughter’s serious question to what project may i best serve next.

7.   i’m choosing with my heart because to do so i must get very still.

our invaluable brains are  accumulating information and  making decisions at faster and faster speeds.  i can hear mine at times racing nonstop.  but to choose with my heart i must listen to my still, small voice.  i must get still.   not just for a second.  but again and again.  and that is oh so good for me.

8. i am choosing with my heart because it’s a most wonderful practice:

the solutions from our heads are complex.  the ones from our heart are simple. it should be simple but it’s not easy.   it is a skill that can be practiced but never fully mastered.  the outcomes of these choices are not up to me.  choosing what feels right for me in the moment is.

and finally, i’m choosing to choose more from my heart because it is only in my heart where i have the power to truly forgive.  the power to pray for myself and for us all.  the heart to begin anew and the power to consciously believe in miracles.

and i most certainly do.

peace and blessings to us all,



christopher reeve foundation- a super love

Unpublished Work © 2011 Cristina Carlino

no true hero sets out to be a hero.  only the superheroes we see in movies are scripted.   that’s why we love them and pay for the ticket.  but a real hero is the one who christopher reeve said, “is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” that was unscripted. he did not plan for overwhelming obstacles.  horrible accidents happen to people every day.  what makes him a hero of mine is he turned what could  have otherwise  been  merely a horrific ironic fate into a living legacy of good.

for starts, he established the christopher reeve foundation.  he put a human celebrity face on spinal cord injury and then he motivated neuroscientists around the world for the first time to conquer the most complex diseases of the brain and central nervous system. and he didn’t let up.   ae founded a separate  “quality of life” organization with his wife, dana reeve, to raise awareness, funds and rights for the disabled.  the conviction, determination  and  strength lived from his wheelchair were  beyond  the powers of a superman who originally was “ able to” leap tall buildings with a single bound with more power than a locomotive.”  he was real. so real that his character was hard at times to wrap our imaginations around.     and yet he didn’t go looking to be caped or canonized.  no true hero sets out looking for that.

at the same time the marriage of chris and dana seemed a love story that could have boggled shakespeare’s brain had he tried to create it.  chris was devoted to dana.  he  loved her and she him.  i had the privilege of seeing it when i would see them together.  in all of the days i knew Dana, never once did she complain, lose her smile, lose her sense of humor or her compassion for others.  she would walk in a room and instantly you could feel her healing presence.   and still, in their very real world, you knew they had to be having good days and not so good days.  like the rest of us.

bob and lee woodruff who founded the bob woodruff foundation understand this kind of love as well.  i wrote about them in my blog last week. they are another heroic love story to me.  and as they wrote in their  bestselling book ,”in an instant”.  “and yet there are no perfect spouses either, just those who love each other enough to stand by for better or for worse.  don’t be fooled: that kind of endurance is, perhaps, the greatest expression of love.”

there are countless other people who we do not hear about in the news or media practicing this expression of love in their daily lives with their spouses and partners.  and children and friends.   for chris reeve each seemingly tiny to us physical movement was a monumental achievement of love.   love is an action.  the big ones and the little ones.  to that end, i ask that you take an action and explore their website. visit and learn and please donate if you are able.

we may meet the loves of our lives by accident.  but loving  another is no accident. this is one of the many things i have learned and continue to learn from chris and dana reeve.  we won’t all be starting or need to start a foundation.  but love can still be our foundation.   it is our foundation.

i’d love to hear about yours.